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We have launched!

After months of gruelling hard work, finding the right suppliers, getting the design right and many prototypes later, our cosmetic case is finally ready for sale!

We travel a lot for work and we always found it difficult to find the perfect cosmetic bag that looked amazing, could fit all our toiletries, makeup and makeup brushes.

So, we decided to make one.

Our key priorities were it had to be timeless, personalised, chic, versatile, and that it had enough storage space.

After lots of brainstorming, researching and experimenting, Mark And Scribe was born.

We love the idea of being able to monogram our products - it looks amazing, are perfect gifts and allows you to tailor your item to your preference.

The bag itself has double sided brush sleeves which allow you to fit your set of brushes while on the move or at home. We placed plastic protectors where the brush head lay to prevent the fabric getting dirty and for easy cleaning.

If you don't need both sides for makeup brushes, you can easily use the holders for eyebrow pencils, eyeliner, lipstick and lip liners. This helps organise your bag really well.

Four gold studs are added to the bottom of the bag so when you place the bag in the bathroom counter, the whole bag doesn't get wet.

The bag has two zip pockets, the first one to place your brushes and palettes and the second one is deep enough to store toiletries and makeup.

We even added a shoulder strap for those times when you are in a rush - you can just carry it on your shoulder.

Order now for free shipping and free shoulder strap - limited time only.

We are so excited to launch and hope you love our cosmetic case as much as we do! 



Mark and Scribe